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I should stop dreaming of you


Because the room is dark and faces are no longer people but dimly lit roses in a field. The dip in my belly a plate to hold the hunger in your hands, my back arched, the longing sinking deep into our hips. Because there is no time to call us home, we find another world on each other’s lips. My neck bent backward to get a better look at how they beat like a heart in an open chest, how they could burst without warning. And you’re above me now, breath heating upon breath, humid and dense as an ecosystem of our own forms before us. Because our tongues are wet and throbbing, because your lips on my neck feel like a thousand kisses shooting down my entire body, only to leave my skin blue. Because a kiss like this holds on for dear life inside the lining of an aching mind, a kiss like this is no longer an escape plan, but a woman begging to remain asleep for just one more breath.

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