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Clarissa Sofía is a contemporary photographer and poet. Her curious and observant nature was shaped growing up between two cultures, having both Spanish and English roots. Her visual and written works express a sense of melancholia, calmness and strength, whilst examining femininity and mental health in the hopes of destigmatising topics surrounding the naked body and mind. She continues to explore themes of vulnerability, intimacy and connection. A large part of her influences come from nature and a fascination for deepening her understanding of the self.  


‘I believe that we are closely connected to nature and spending time with her can be truly healing and freeing. I have a huge amount of respect for the earth, as I do for our bodies, and I see a lot of correlations between the two. They are both homes that deserve more love than they receive.’

Her debut book 'Fault Lines: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry and Photography' was published in April 2020. She was named as one of Artpil's 30 under 30 Women Photographers of 2023 and received an Analog Sparks bronze award 2023 for her photo 'Here, Where we Exist IV' in the Human/Intimacy category. 

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IBZNFT Soul Searching, Nobu, Ibiza 25 June 2023

R.A.W, La Luna Gallery, Ibiza 6-16 June 2023

ImageNation, Paris 19-21 May 2023

Alchemy of Her, Atzaro, Ibiza 2020

Photo Puig, Ibiza 2019

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