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This book is an exploration of relationships between people and places, love, death, and mental health, specifically depression and anxiety. Clarissa shares her  journey as a young woman growing into her adult skin through poetry and self-portraiture. In this collection, Clarissa questions our current society and tackles ways of dealing with the reality of what it means to be conscious, conveying self-acceptance as the highest form of rebellion.



Jen Campbell is a bestselling author and award-winning poet. She also reviews books and offers editorial services. 

Scarlett Ward Bennett is a British poet and her collection 'Ache' was published by Verve Poetry Press in 2019. She was nominated for a Saboteur award for "Best Spoken Word Poet UK" and came runner up in Mother's Milk Poetry Prize and WOLF poetry prize.


'Such a beautiful collection, and an absolute joy to read. At times the words dance in the air above the page, and at others they cling to the reader, demanding they be felt in the very deepest parts of the soul and heart. The photography included really adds another element of magic to the stunning narrative that guides the collection through its journey of healing, love, and overcoming all kinds of ache.' – Scarlett Ward (Author of 'Ache')


'First off, this paperback is lovely in its own right, the cover feels nice and textured and the book is well laid out. This is a book that demands you pick it up and read it. I loved all of the poems; some of them were quite beautiful. Sofía is an incredibly talented poet and her work is among the best I’ve read. I love discovering new poets so can’t wait to read her next collection. Each poem contains impressive imagery and vivid prose descriptions. I cannot fault a single poem. Fault Lines is quite breath-taking.' Pamela Scott (The Book Lover's Boudoir)

'Each poem flows so coherently into the next, I found it impossible to stop reading until I had finished the whole book. She conjures vivid images of London that made me nostalgic for my home city, and writes about places that are universally loved through the lens of her unique, personal experience of them. My favourite poems in this collection were the more introspective ones about body image and self-perception. Not only is the content intensely relatable, especially to young women, but the way it is presented is beautiful...' – Tilda Butterworth

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