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Tidal Blues - Summer Session with Saydi

I had such a beautiful evening photographing Saydi on the first day of summer. It felt great to get behind my Canon-AE1 after a months break transitioning from London to Ibiza. The evening light on the island is so stunning and It was my last chance to catch the last sprouts of spring flowers and greens. We met along the river bank of Santa Eulalia and got straight to it, Saydi hadn't modelled before yet she was a natural in front of the lens!

I wanted to capture the beauty and strength of women in this series whilst still showing the vulnerability we sometimes hide. I used Kodak Porta 160, my first time using this film and im in love with the results! I haven't always been bothered about what kind of film I used but over time I have started to notice what a difference it makes. Thanks to Saydi for letting me photograph her and I hope these images bring some extra beauty to your day.

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