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Molly & Romina through the lens of my new Mamiya 645

What better way to test my new baby (Mamiya 645 Super) than with my two favorite souls!? I had so much fun photographing my gorgeous sister and beautiful best friend in a lovely little hidden garden. We were super lucky to have such a sunny day considering the weather in London has been verging on Bi-polar! Spring has got to be the prettiest time of year, as I am sure you would all agree, so I couldn't help but make use of the blossom trees and rosy pink flowers.

I have been wanting to try out medium format for quite a while now, so last month I finally got around to treating myself with this new beauty. I spent quite some time researching which medium format to go for and ending up coming to the conclusion that the Mamiya 645 for was definitely the best quality for price. It came all the way from Japan and I couldn't wait to try it out!

I am super happy with the results. I used Fuji chrome colour positive film and I'm absolutely in love with the quality of the images. I'll be having plenty of fun getting to know my new camera these next few months!

And as always thank you Molly & Romina for being great models! I can never get enough of photographing them!

Lots of Love x

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